Friday, August 7, 2009

Mohammed Ali Jinnah Quiz

It's August and the time to get all patriotic. So I'm starting a quiz about Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his family. In a previous post I noted some of his family members which might be useful as well as doing some digging around on the internet to find the answers to the quiz I've made.

1) What was the name of Mohammed Ali Jinnah's father?
2) How many sisters did he have?
3) What was his mother tongue?
4) What was the name of his first wife?
5) Name the occupation of his father.

Write your answers in a comment to this post.
Answers will be posted Friday 14 August 2009! Visit the blog to check if you got them right.

1 comment:

Abbas said...

interestingly, i do not know any of the answers. Though i take a stab at number 3 by guessing.. Sindhi? (This seems a trick qn coz i was ready to answer Urdu)