Friday, August 14, 2009

Looking for Answers

It's been nearly a week now since I posted the quiz so I'm pretty sure your heads must be hurting by now! Here are the answers:

1) What was the name of Mohammed Ali Jinnah's father?
Jinnahbhai Poonja

2) How many sisters did he have?
Mohammed Ali Jinnah had 3 sisters.

3) What was his mother tongue?
Gujarati. He also spoke Kutchi, Sindhi and English.

4) What was the name of his first wife?
Emibai Jinnah. She was his distant cousin. Unfortunately she passed away a few months after the marriage.

5) Name the occupation of his father.

He was a merchant.

One of our readers, Abbas, mentioned that this was a difficult quiz but I did mention that you might need to do some digging around on the internet. I'm sure many of us are a bit rusty on the facts of Jinnah's life.
Abbas, better luck next time!

So how did you do on the quiz? 5 out of 5? Let me know by leaving me a comment.

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