Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interview at The Pakistani Spectator

Recently I was asked to be interviewed by The Pakistani Spectator. It was quite unexpected since I had never heard of the website and also because I didn't really think anyone would want to interview me. Haha. It seems The Pakistani Spectator interviews bloggers from across the blogosphere and posts them on their website which holds articles from Pakistani bloggers. Well I'm not sure if my interview was the most interesting (yeah right!) but I think I managed to get my point across about genealogy and family history. So please do go check it out and read up on the many Pakistani bloggers we have.

Here's the link.


Morten said...

Great blog on Pakistani genealogy. Is it easy to trace your ancestors in Pakistan. As part of making a linklist of genealogical resources for the different asian countries i have just started on Pakistan. For the future this list will be included in a sub-website called GenRess, which is part of the norwegian genealogical society's websites. Hopefully this will make it easier for norwegian-pakistani residents to trace their ancestors in Pakistan. If you have any advice or links to ressources in Pakistan that i should include in such a list, i would really appreciate it if you could send an email to me

Anon said...

Hi Morten, I'm afraid its not easy to trace your ancestors in Pakistan and thats partly the reason why I created this blog - to create awareness of genealogy within the Pakistani community in Pakistan and abroad. Its a great idea to add Pakistani resources to genealogical society websites.
I can only provide you with one link that I know of: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~pakwgw/