Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remembering our shaheed..2

I'm posting more announcements of our shaheed (martyred) who are fighting for our country, our people and our freedom. See my first post here.

Sunday July 19th 2009

unnamed soldier lost his life in Jandola in the Bannu district. (The News)

Tuesday July 21st 2009

Six unnamed soldiers dead in Northwest Pakistan. (Yahoo News)

Thursday July 23rd 2009

An unnamed soldier was killed in a mortar attack in North Waziristan.

'Pakistan says more than 1,800 militants and 166 security personnel have been killed, but the death tolls are impossible to verify independently.' (The Nation)

Note: I can only provide you with names if I find them in the news articles I browse. If you think something needs correcting, please do leave me a message. I try my best.

We should all pray for these men and their families and recognise their courage and sacrifice for their country.

Are you related to a servicemen? Do you have memories of a loved one dying? Do you have a message for the soldiers fighting? Leave me a comment.

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