Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday

Today 'My Pakistani Ancestry' blog is officially 2 yrs old.

I started this blog in the hope it would attract other Pakistanis to the world of genealogy and as such I have tried to produce content that tailors to the Pakistani and that links with family history. In the last year I have posted about private family graveyards, message boards, family group sheets and much much more. I've now decided to re-start my Urdu posts which I hope will be interesting for readers.

Last year I had mentioned I was in search for another Pakistani genealogy blogger (or geneablogger). I did manage to come across a Pakistani genealogy blogger but as yet have not been able to contact him. Click here, if you would like to visit his blog.

As always I'm on the lookout for more readers and responses.

Lastly, thanks for reading :)

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