Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Introducing Urdu word of the week - Post 1

It's a new theme I'm introducing to this blog which I'm really excited about! I'm aware that many Pakistanis out there have little grasp of the Urdu language even though it's the national language for Pakistan. Many speak Punjabi, Mirpuri, Sindhi...etc and many are living abroad with little interaction with Urdu speakers. (Non-Pakistanis can learn too!) So, I'm going to be adding a new Urdu word to the blog every week (hopefully) with the English meaning for readers to increase their vocabulary. You never know, you might be off spouting Urdu to your Mum, now won't she be pleased!

بے تمیذ
silly, unmannerly

وہ بے تمیذ ہے
He/she is silly
woh be-tameez hai

(Yes, I know it's a weird word to be starting with but it was all done in total randomness!) Please feel free to provide any feedback for this theme. You can even introduce your own Urdu words or even make up sentences with the above word and blog about them on your own blog. Remember to post your links.

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