Friday, April 30, 2010

Private Family Graveyard

Some of my ancestors are buried in a private family graveyard in Pakistan. The graveyard is on privately owned land which belongs to our family. Unfortunately, I have not visited this place even though I have been to Pakistan many times. I know that my maternal grandma often visits the graveyard and is often the one who takes along visiting relatives to pay respects to the departed souls as she is one of the very few people who knows who is buried in which place. However, as she is getting older she is beginning to forget and therefore there is a need for grave markers or gravestones which identify the person that is buried there. So its been decided that indicators should be put down for the graves and money has been set aside for this purpose and hopefully my uncles in Pakistan will make sure the work is done.

But how many other Pakistanis are taking care of their private graveyards? Who should be in charge of the upkeep? Or should relatives co-operate and fund the maintenance of the graveyards so the responsibility is shared?

Here is a picture of the Bhutto family mausoleum:

It is situated in a village called Garhi Khuda Baksh in Sindh.

Topic questions:
Do you have a private family cemetery in Pakistan? Who takes care of it? Is there a sign at the entrance? Are the graves marked or unmarked? Is there a record of who is buried there?

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