Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - N. Bi (?-?)

I obtained this photograph of my greatgrandmother's tombstone from my brother who took photos of some of our ancestors graves while he was in Pakistan (yes, he went too).

N. Bi is buried in our private family graveyard in Punjab. The writing on the stone isn't clearly visible but I can make out the Urdu script to read her name. Other information seems to have faded away such as when did she pass away. I haven't found out much information about her and missed out on seeing the grave for myself, which just goes to show if you have the chance to visit an ancestors grave, you should do it.

N. Bi was the mother of my grandfather, M Y.

Here is what it says:

"[First name] Bi
Wafaat ???" (Translation: Death)

Some day I hope to see it in real life..

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Sameeha Fazeel said...

If I can read properly, it is Naik Bi. meaning Pious lady.