Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm back!

Apologies for my being absent for so long but I've been to the Land of the Pure: Pakistan. My visit lasted 5 weeks which was spent with relatives, reimmersing myself into Pakistani culture and food. As usual the constant stream of guests to my home consisted of many close and distant relatives that I had not seen for years. Some guests were unknown to me so I was repeatedly asking 'who is that? and how are they related to me?' I had to stop myself from asking them 20 questions about themselves.

The weather was a happy change from miserable British weather even though it took some getting used to. I managed to stay alive in the first week by constantly using a fan and drinking lots of water. And yes, there were some ill effects of eating food from vendors which I would like to forget about (think sleepless nights and constant throwing up).

If you're wondering how much genealogy work I managed to do, then I can tell you it's probably 10% of what I had hoped. Most of my time was spent making family history rather than recording it. I do regret that I could have done more but I don't regret the happy moments that I made with my family.

I'll be posting pics in the following days so please do, pop back to take a look :)

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