Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My 100th post! Hurray!

It's taken 2 nearly 3 years to get to my 100th post. Wow.

Here are the most visited pages as stated my statcounter:

Descendants of Mohammed Ali Jinnah

It seems many people wanted to know more about the nation's founder.

How many Pakistanis live in the UK?
This one suprised me a tad as I honestly didn't think this would be popular. So, there is a sense that visitors to this post wanted to know about their roots.

Graves in Karachi
Not much to say about this one, as I was only able to provide a list of cemeteries (not complete). I wonder if any Karachites would be willing to share more information about cemeteries in their city.

I would just like to say, it's not been easy getting to the 100th post certainly because I felt I was a little lost for direction in terms of content. What should I write about? What should I include? All in all, I'm glad to have reached this milestone. It means I've stuck with this blog for some time so I'm pleased. I hope to go on for another 100 posts! So, wish me luck :)

Thanks to all the readers out there (even the quiet ones that don't comment or email).

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