Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I do, Tech-wise

I have been unavailable for the past couple of weeks and haven't been able to post. But here is my contribution to Thomas MacEntee's What I do meme:

* Hardware
: Sony Vaio NW11S/S 15.5in Laptop

* External storage: USB drive

* Online storage: Google Documents

* Backup: Papers, Google Documents, USB drive

* Firewall: Dont know

* Virus protection: AVG

* Spyware: AVG

* File cleaner: None

* Printer: A faulty Epson that need's fixing or dumping :(

* Scanner: None but would love to buy one! Suggestions of any good ones?

* Phone: Landline, Sony Ericsson 580i

* Mobile media: Huh?

* Music player: Ipod

* Car audio: Don't have a car!

* eBook Reader: None

* Browser: Mozilla Firefox

* Blog: Blogger

* RSS: Google reader

* FTP: Huh?

* Text editor: Microsoft Office 2007, Notepad

* Graphics: Nothing fancy, just Paint and Microsoft Office Picture Manager

* Screen capture: Snipping Tool

* Social media: Facebook, Twitter

* Social bookmarking: None

* Social profile: None

* URL shortener:

* Office suite: Microsoft Office 2007

* E-mail: Windows Live, Yahoo

* Calendar: Google Calendar

* Accounting: Excel

* PDF generator: Adobe Acrobat

* Genealogy database: Legacy 7, Family Tree Builder

* Genealogy tools: None that I can think of

* Other tech stuff: Sony Cybershot camera

I feel I need to spend more time on 'geeking up' and learning how to use technological tools to help my research.

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