Friday, November 11, 2011

11th Day..

Today we remember those who lost their lives in World War I and II. I'm relisting the names of soldiers that were mentioned in a BBC programme a couple of years ago called Muslim Tommies:

Amir Khan - 129th Baluchis, France 1915
Subedar Muhammed Agia - 57th Rifles, May 1915
Havildar Abdul Rahman - 59th Rifles, France 1915
Juma Khan - 40th Pathans, France 1915
Sepoy Abdul Ghani - 125th Napier's Rifles, France 1915
Naubet Khan - 107th Pioneers, France 1915
Mohamed Ali Bey - 20th Deccan Horses, France 1915
Abdul Jabar Khan, Sep 1917
Mahomed Mazafar Khan - 19th Lancers, France, Oct 1917
Jemadar Shamsher Ali Khan - 34th Poona Horse, France, April 1917
Dafadar Fazi Khan - 19th Lancers, France Oct 1916
Havildar Ghufran Khan - 129th Baluchis, Aug 1915
Abdul Ali Khan - 6th Cavalry, France Aug 1917
Rajwali Khan - Brighton, Sep 1915 (at hospital)
Raja Khan - 38th CIH, France Oct 1917
Jemadar Hasan Shah - Hodson's Horse, France 1916
Kesu Shah - Rouen, May 1916
Rahimdad Khan - 19th Lancers, France, May 1916
Fateh Ullah - June 1916

Someone, somewhere will have known these men...


Omer Khan said...

Dear Sir
Ref this list of these soldiers who supposedly 'lost their lives' in World War 1. I would pl like to point out that one soldier listed there, at least i.e. 'Jemadar Hassan Shah. of the 9th Hodson's Horse, supposed to have died in 1916--did not in fact die then! In fact, after checking many old Army lists at the British Library London, I can confirm that there was only ONE 'Jemadar Hassan Shah' with Hodson's Horse, who actually lived for quite some time and ws a v well-known, even famous soldier. He fought in France/Europe initially, along with his regiment and was later deputed to a camel-mounted Machine Gun Company, which in 1918 was sent out to the Hejaz, to join the army of HH the Sharif of Makkah, led by Prince Feisal and advised by Maj. TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), who indeed mentions Jemedar Hassan Shah in his war memoirs "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" (1926). During his very good military service, Hassan Shah received a Military Cross (MC) and later an award by the Hejaz Emirate in 1920 and he finally retired as a Risaldar with rank of 'Honorary Captain'. He died in the 1940s at home, in retirement. For more information/records you may please contact the 'Indian Military Historical Society" in UK, at .
Best wishes
Omer Khan

Anon said...

Hi Omer,

Thanks for the comment.
I'm actually a 'Miss' :p
I really appreciate you providing information about Jemadar Hassan Shah and about the Indian Military Historical Society. However, I was merely repeating information from a BBC documentary that was aired in 2009 in the UK. I (and readers of this blog) would love to know how you found all this information and which records you looked at.

Omer said...

Hi Miss!
Im v sorry I havent been very regular online but as I said, first of all (a) please check the IMHS site given above, and in their journal index you are sure to find some info about Hasan Shah; and (b) if you so wish, the British Library in London has a massive number of Indian Army lists and records, all you have to do is sit down and identify rough dates in which you wish to look through for records of a person from a certain regiment and slowly, you can build up a career picture/profile. It takes time and patience but its well worth it. Regards. (Omer)