Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who do you think you are?

No, this isn't another post about identity - its the name of a British genealogy documentary series that follows celebritites in search of their roots. I've been watching this show for about a year now and its really interesting. Sometimes you get people on the show that you know really well and others well.. you don't know at all. Previously in February the sixth series was shown and now on July 22nd the seventh series will begin with Davina McCall (from Big Brother).

Well whats the Pakistani connection I hear you ask? There isn't one. It's just a really interesting show where you learn a few things!

Here's a clip from Youtube courtesy of the BBC:

Its on BBC One, probably at 9pm but not sure at the moment. And if you're not in the UK then other versions have been shown in various countries including Canada, Australia, Ireland and even Sweden and South Africa according to Wiki.

Updated 9 July: The new series is actually starting
15 July.

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